The Top 10 Android Games To Play On Your PC Now!

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The Top 10 Android Games to Play on Your PC Right Now 2019!!!

Android games are designed to be addictive and enticing which is clear from the sales figures of paid games and download figures of free-to-play games. These games are basically designed to be played on smartphones and tablets. But several times, it would be great to carry on playing them on your PC when your battery has drained or you are sitting before your desktop or laptop.

You may wonder if this is possible. But the good news is that it’s possible, thanks to a wonderful tool called BlueStacks. Playing android games on your computer through BlueStacks is so much fun because you can play them on bigger screens at much higher resolution; otherwise playing on tiny mobile screen is often annoying. You can use a bigger keyboard and mouse controls.

BlueStacks created by Rosen Sharma is the pioneer of mobile gaming on PC and fastest mobile gaming platform in the world. Not only they offer the fastest gaming experience but also the widest range of options to enhance your experience whether you try BlueStacks for Windows or BlueStacks for Mac OS X Yosemite. They have direct partnership with more than 100 biggest mobile game developers and also investments from AMD, Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and other big names in technology, all of which make it the flagship Android gaming platform on PC. You can visit official BlueStacks website and find out what is BlueStacks for PC and how safe is BlueStacks.

Here are top 10 Android games you should enjoy on your PC with the help of BlueStacks. All of them are free-to-play, with amazing graphics, storyline and gameplay, and you are bound to have a lot of fun playing them.

1. Final Fantasy XV: A New EmpirePLAY NOW

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire by Epic Action LLC is a free-to-play 2D MMO strategy Android game which you can play on your PC with the help of BlueStacks 2 download for Windows 7 for example which allows you to play multiple apps at a time. Check if you have all the BlueStacks system requirements such as Adobe Flash and then get BlueStacks 2 free download for PC.

The game is set in the Final Fantasy XV realm of Eos. The game stands out from other games due to its outstanding cast of characters from the 2016 Fantasy RPG, including Cindy, Lucafreya, Noctis and more. You will find all the features you would expect from a modern strategy game, including guilds, soldier management, large-scale base-building and extensive wars complete with grand summons from the Final Fantasy universe.

You have to build, improve and protect various structures that help take you close to asking for the Crystal and governing the realm. You can also level up Noctis and use up his AP into specializing in combat, deep talent trees or developing talents to match your playstyle. You can start World Wars by taking on monsters wandering around the land to gather supplies for your realm and gain experience for Noctis.

Join a guild by joining other players to help complete guild quests, accelerate your buildings and gain Loyalty points to use on bonuses. There are also in-game rewards which you can earn by helping enhancing the in-game translation system.

What’s more, there are tower defense style Mini-Games too that are separate from the main game. However, these can be played only once a day.

2. King of Avalon: Dragon War – PLAY NOW

King of Avalon: Dragon War by Century Game (DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE) is a multiplayer strategy game which you can enjoy on your PC with the help of BlueStacks 2 download for Windows 10 for example. Just ensure you have BlueStacks minimum requirements such as Flash Player and just proceed with BlueStacks download for Windows 7.32 bit or BlueStacks 32 bit download and enjoy the game on PC.

The empty throne of Avlon will be beckoning you and you can aim to grab it. The previous King Arthur is betrayed and killed by his nephew Mordred and his body lies with his powerful sword, Excalibur in a fortress on the Isle of Avalon.

This game is great for those who love the setting of the England of medieval times, magic, treasure and wars fought bravely. Everyone in the split nation is now fighting for the power and the magical Excalibur. And there are dragons too which you have to raise. You have to build your army, and head towards winning the Excalibur and becoming the king.

You have to build your own city, raise your dragon and train it, and raise an army, powerful enough to fight with your enemies. Here there are waiting times that can range from a few minutes to several hours.

Dragons are among the most important elements of King of Avalon: Dragon War as the name indicates and they make the game stand out from other similar games. You play a Lord in the game and every Lord has to have a dragon. If the lord uses his dragon appropriately, he can make his kingdom grow much quicker. For this, you have to care for your dragon and learn how to use its skills. A dragon not used correctly is just like a monster in your city. BlueStacks 4 has a very good guide on how use your dragon in the most appropriate way. With the start of the game, you will need to build a nest for your dragon and when you build one, an egg will be placed in it. Within a few hours, the egg will hatch and you will get your dragon. Remember that you won’t be able to control your dragon directly, but you can send it to wars or garrison in the city.


3. World War Rising – PLAY NOW

While there may be several complex strategy games out there, World War Rising by Mobile War LLC is still an amazing game that does everything strictly according to the rules and provides a nice change to players from some other games. Its major benefit is that it can be played in shorter bursts and don’t need hours of planning and attacking. This is especially great when you are short of time.

You have to play alone or by building an alliance with others and your aim is to deploy your troops against your enemies, apply brave and fierce strategy and win the battle. You have to upgrade your base and level up all the surrounding buildings so as to unlock better troops, increase your power and in general become a supremacy that should be fearsome to the world.

You should remember to keep your builders engaged in work on something. Everyone around the base should be training, building and researching. Only this way, you can get better than others and reduce your risk of being farmed upon.

You can also get all types of missions to complete in World War Rising and you have to continuously work on completing them so as to gain rewards.

A great feature of World War Rising is that you can create and launch missiles against your enemies. But you’ll need time and preparation. However, with it, you can either weaken the forces of an enemy or make AI forces suffer havoc, both of which are fun. Plus you’ll get tons of rewards.

Enjoy this amazing game with BlueStacks 3 download on Mac or Windows.



4. Guns of Glory: Build an Epic Army for the Kingdom – PLAY NOW

Guns of Glory: Build an Epic Army for the Kingdom is another fantastic game by Century Game (DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE) and is the latest version of the game which you can easily download on your Mac or Windows with the help of the latest BlueStacks for Mac or BlueStacks 1 download for Windows 7.32 bit after checking your BlueStacks network settings. When it’s about improving and leveling up in Guns of Glory, you’ll find some irreversible events such as getting defeated at the hands of a nasty opponent who wants to destroy your city or choosing your talent points. Of course, you will want to avoid these events unless you are fully prepared (but not the defeat scenario, because if you are destroyed, the game is over).

Fortunately several big and small things, macro and micro, can be incorporated in your everyday routine in the game so as to enhance your chances of success and improve your production without going too out of the way or needing to spend real money.

There are in-game tutorials progressing through which you will come across many missions that you have to complete. You’ll find these in the screen’s bottom left. Upon completing them, you can get amazing prizes and bonuses which will help you progress in the game. There will be quests too just above the missions which will help you further progress in the game if you complete them because they will earn you resources, speedups and even gold.

BlueStacks comes for your help here too with a very good guide. You should read it so as to play the game successfully.


5. Fleet Command – PLAY NOW

Fleet Command by Movga Games is a naval warfare strategy game inspired from real life military ranks and ships. So, you can imagine how captivating the experience of playing this game would be. You’ll have to develop and manage your base, recruit officers, create resources and more to strengthen your power. You’ll get the chance to set sail and explore the vast expanse of the sea on the world map. Just get BlueStacks download free and enjoy this game on PC.

You should fight with pirates, mine resources and wage war against your opponent players. Found a legion and take your fellow players towards glory in the battle.

The game has so many aspects and has much more than raw power. The correct use of equipment, officers and strategy can beat even a more powerful enemy.

As such, the game is very easy to start and you’ll also get a tutorial of the basics. Thus even if you have no experience of war games or RTS, you can easily learn Fleet Command.

The most prominent feature of the game is several ship classes of various types that are all based on real-life ships of the past as well as present. You have to build them or collect and command them.

Another outstanding feature of the game is battle effects that include explosions as well as missile trajectory that let you watch your fleet defeating your enemies.

Yet another feature is the flexible formations enabling you to choose officers and ships for each battle. This is an amazing dynamic to the game, that makes planning, thought and strategy a crucial component of the path towards victory.


6. Fleet Command II: Battleships & Naval Blitz – PLAY NOW

First let me say it would be a HUGE mistake to only download Fleet Command 2.  They are both AMAZING and yet vcry different.  You should definitely try both!

Movga Team has come up even with Fleet Command II: Battleships & Naval Blitz which is a free innovative war game after their much-admired game Fleet Command. The game has comprehensive tutorials that will make your play easy. Even if you are new, you can easily move through the game. You can have a real pleasure of this game on PC by getting BlueStacks 4 download or even download older version of BlueStacks or even BlueStacks Tweaker.

Here too you’ll get various unique and elaborately designed warships inspired by real-life warships and you have to play as a commander. So, you have to upgrade your warship and enhance your power. You’ll get a chance to challenge players all through the world.

There are 5 types of warships and millions of fleet combinations in the game – no wonder, you’ll be addicted to the game due to the never-before experience.

You can build your own unique warships including powerful battleships and hi-tech submarine, and customize your fleet with hundreds of accessories, and use it to finish your enemy.

Your power to design strategies will be tested in this game. You have to be very careful and design a foolproof strategy before attacking your enemy. But this game has been designed to give you the real-life experience of World War II with its classy animation and super lifelike graphics.

You can fight with your legion to check whether you are alone or playing in a team. Get BlueStacks download for Windows 8 or any other version and enjoy this game.


7. Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires – PLAY NOW

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires by IGG.COM is a strategy RPG android game which you can get on your computer with BlueStacks free download for PC or BlueStacks download for Mac. The game starts with a movie-like introduction/entry and graphics are great, probably better than most other games of this type. However, the ones shown in the trailer are better.

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires has the power to get you engrossed quickly. The game progresses very quickly and so do the upgrades. Even while you haven’t started playing, you get the feeling of being a ninja king with unbeatable powers.

If you ignore the technicalities in the game, Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires is a game for bullies where bullies can harass weaker kids and stop only when bullies bigger than them arrive and crush them.

The setting of the game is a lot in the Age of Empire style. You need to construct, research, join a guild and build an army. You’ll get many more components working in conjunction with each other.

However, your objective should be only to become a bully. The greatest or most successful bullies don’t need necessarily to be the smartest. Actually the greatest bullies in the game are those who spend the most.

Although the game offers you many moments full of stress, it’s extremely enjoyable. The moments before you get zeroed, as you port around, burn and loot, are fun and you can feel genuine happiness. Learn how to use BlueStacks and get this game on your PC.


8. MARVEL Future Fight – PLAY NOW

The free-to-play game, MARVEL Future Fight, by Netmarble is all about forming a team of heroes and villains from various celebrated comic books and then making use of them to hit numerous bad guys extremely hard.

Even those who are not much into free-to-play games find this game very enjoyable. This is a 100% free-to-play game when it comes to structure. You’ll get a great variety of in-game currencies required to upgrade your army of Marvel characters. One of these (Gems) costs actual money. But these Gems can purchase almost everything else in the game in significant amounts or you can just play through the game and gain all supplies as you progress. In short, you don’t need to spend a lot on the game, the game doesn’t ask you to do so, but shelling out a few bucks here and there can definitely help you get to a Daredevil unlock much sooner.

The gameplay is also bound by the traditional energy bar. You will require energy while going on a mission. When you use up all your energy, you’re done for the day. But you can buy more energy at the in-game store. The energy bar is quite lavish with its allotment, which means it offers enough juice to get in a lot of missions before having to refill.

When it comes to the storyline, a group of villains are making an effort to demolish the multiuniverse. This means that each Marvel hero and villain has a stake in the result of this epic battle.

A solid gameplay and amazing storyline make this game extremely enjoyable and worth playing on your PC with BlueStacks latest version.


9. Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – PLAY NOW

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest by the German developer Goodgame Studios is a nice change to the developer’s usual tradition of multiplayer clash of civilizations like the award-winning Empire: Four Kingdoms and comes up with something agrarian.

The game which is an adaptation of browser-based Goodgame Big Farm assures crop cultivation and cute animal husbandry. The game presents cool graphics and action progressing at a fast pace.

Besides the main characters, it has a great number of NPCs, which serve a major role in the tutorial and their contribution in the actual game is limited.

You have to mainly collect and manage resources, follow the regular cycle of planting, harvesting and once again sow seeds.

Animals bring further enhancement in the game and it becomes essential for the players to keep them well-fed. Clearly, the crops that are planted and harvested are used for this purpose too.

The game is in no way difficult but poses certain unique challenges to players. One of them is storing the harvest for which you need to build specialized buildings, which you can upgrade later with the help of technological advancements. They can be made more effective and their capacity can be increased much more.

Like other farming games, there is a grid system in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest too, but the map is quite big. The top priority is resource management rather than finding space to build structures. This game doesn’t pose the risk of being attacked unlike the other games by Goodgame. So, if you are seeking military games and wars, you can play Goodgame’s Empire, its sequel Empire: Four Kingdoms or Legends of Honor.

Though the game is free-to-play, it offers certain special benefits to those paying real money. But whatever money you pay, you are guaranteed to enjoy the returns. Download BlueStacks Premium to play this game on the bigger screen of a computer.


10. War Robots – PLAY NOW

If you’re passionate about the Mech warrior genre, the good news for you is that it’s back in the form of War Robots! War Robots by Pixonic is an extremely fun game full of mechs, missiles, guns, and other interesting mechs to meet and kill. You start out with only one mech, rather small, but it’s good to start small. A mech is actually big, to whatever extent and, and if you are looking for trashing a battleground with a walking mech, you’re going to enjoy War Robots, although it isn’t quite similar to the old days.

Those who are not much into game tutorials will love the fact that War Robots doesn’t have any tutorial. It simply offers you your mech, options and a “To Battle” button in the upper right-hand corner, and you’re good to go. Thus if you are a Mech warrior genre fan and know well how these games work, you can jump right in. One thing to remember here is that you can target your weapon while keeping the fire button pressed and you’ll be keeping that button pressed several times.

You can ignore all other options and dive right into a war – how? It’s because your character has the name “Player” by default unless you change it and it will display above you when you’ll enter the battleground. And everyone else in the battle would be named “Player”. Although your first battle may end quickly, the later battles would last very, very long, but for good.

You can then change your name and proceed to participate in other battles on various maps. Eventually you’ll be able to buy a new mech and weapons. The in-game currency is of two types and lets you buy mechs and weapons. The superior currency unlocks more powerful weapons, slots and the power to instantly finish weapon upgrades. However, you’ll get a small amount of this currency as a new player and you can spend it in whatever way you want.

All in all, this is a fantastic game with tons of fun and since there are not many multiplayer mech games around, you’ll find this one even more amazing. Get BlueStacks full version free download to play this game on your computer.

So, don’t you feel like playing all these games on PC? Why to wait when a tool like BlueStacks is at hand?

Also take help of Android N (7.1.2) to power all your games on your PC. It provides the largest range of compatibility for running all high-graphic, high-performance games on PC and thus joins BlueStacks to enhance your gaming experience. Get better graphics and faster gameplay while saving your phone’s battery and HD space with BlueStacks Nougat.

Today more than 300+ million people are playing their favorite Android and other mobile games on their PCs on BlueStacks and BlueStacks Linux to get Ubuntu ISO, for example and have expressed positive BlueStacks reviews. You can easily learn how to install BlueStacks in Ubuntu. With BlueStacks it has become possible to blur the line between mobile and PC gaming. BlueStacks has all the power to turn your PC into the best gaming device.

With gaming on PC with BlueStacks, you don’t have to allow your fat fingers to slow you down. You can set your controls on mouse, keyboard or gamepad and play comfortably.

BlueStacks also enables you to play multiple games in separate windows side-by-side or sign into a new account in every window and play all the accounts simultaneously.

Plus, the latest BlueStacks 4 is 6 times faster than the fastest Android mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S9+ and OnePlus 6 revealed from a series of performance tests conducted on BlueStacks 4. It’s faster even than Windroy 2018 or Koplayer APK or Genymotion Filehippo. Most of the above games have been played on BlueStacks 4 as a part of these tests and it has been found that BlueStacks 4 is faster than all leading Android phones.

So, when are you planning to start playing these games on your PC with BlueStacks?